Friday, February 27, 2015

Daikon's Diary: [Fri, Feb 27th] Facebook pissed me off

Dear my beloved Daisy,

[yes, Daisy is the name of my Diary]

Today, Facebook officially deactivated my account because of my name. They also asked me to provide my legal ID in order to verify my authentic name. I decided to dance one last dance with them. There's no way I'm gonna show my real name on Facebook. Vietnamese is quite a complicated language and it's very hard to pronounce Vietnamese name. I love my real name, so I want it to be pronounced correctly. It annoyed me when people pronounce my name incorrectly and they start to make fun out of it.

Linh Daikon is the alternative name that I always used online. It's much easier to pronounce in comparison to my real name. Daikon is a Japanese word, it means "radish". Daikon in Kanji is made of "Dai" from "Big" and "Kon" from "Root".

Facebook seems to be the most convenient way for me to live my life online. Since I'm an introvert, I prefer live my life her rather than going out and communicate with real life people. Facebook really pissed me off this time. I didn't even intend to provide my real ID with my real Vietnamese name on it. What's the point of having Paint installed in Windows by the way? Ha!

Let's talk about other things that happened today! Because today is a very productive day <3

I kinda moved out. My friend opened an institution for teaching IELTS and TOEIC. She rented an apartment and asked me to be a part of the team. I was in charge of the whole kitchen, which is my favourite part of the house. I've been buying my own kitchenware for a long time. Therefore, it's much convenient to move to the new place. I brought along my oven, tableware and 2 of my beloved cutting boards. I have to admit that I kinda have an obsession with cutting boards :v I don't understand why :v I really love cutting boards. 

In the afternoon, we baked a dozen of brownies cupcakes and wrapped it nicely. Those cupcakes are our gifts for the neighbors since we were new in town. We went around the neighborhood and introduced ourselves to some friendly neighbors. It was a challenge for me. Well, for an introvert.

Tomorrow, we still have a lot of things to do. I had better doze off now. *yawn*
And f*** Facebook. I have Blogger and Google Plus :3

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Daikon's Favourites: The Brownies Recipe

It's been a while since my last update for this blog. Well, I barely have enough time to think about what I wanna write. There was such long period that I lost interest in my own fantasy world. I couldn't focus on doing what I once enjoyed and the worst part was that I couldn't continue working on my beloved stories.

I guess I was feeling stressful for too long. I was stressed out because of my study, my professors, school projects, diet and money-making. I'm glad that I finally have some moments for myself. I really appreciate the Tet Holiday, which helps me so much bringing the inner child of me back. I've done writing the project of my dream and right now, I'm feeling alive again. Screw my weight, then. I'm back in the kitchen <3

My Homemade Brownies
So, Matcha powder is too expensive. However, I'm also a chocoholic. Cocoa powder is inexpensive, by the way. I prefer fudge, but those aren't for me. I made brownies as a birthday gift for my unrelated twin. I found the recipe online and it worked very well for me. Although I did end up breaking the cake in half, these lovely cookie cutters are my life savers <3 No one know that the cake was broken before. *evil laugh*

I didn't study food photography before but I was inspired by many food stylists from Youtube and Instagram. I decided to give it a try. The results were fine to me, actually. Thanks to Adobe Lightroom <3 By the way, you guy should definitely check out the website <3 I highly recommend this site; because of all the recipes I have tried, they all turned out perfect.

Here are some photos of my lovely brownies:
(I took a total of 62 photos, after retouched, I ended up using only 6 of them)

The Recipe that I used was The Espresso Frosted Brownies but without the icing.
I bought these cookie cutters at Baker Land
All the photos were taken by me, Linh Daikon. Please don't erase the watermarks.

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