Friday, May 17, 2013

Healthy Food

I miss that day... Too expensive to try healthy food :( I think I'll need more jobs...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vocal Practice

Kind of obsess with singing right now. Time to start vocal recording :)). I bet my family won't enjoy this... My voice sounds like a stupid creature.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gain more weight

Due to my lack of exercise lately, I gain more weights, for sure. I keep eating a lot and reach the max level of my weight. Anyway, I'm not too fat :)) (Just lying to make me feel better about my own body)

Diet Diary - Should or shouldn't???

I'm 1m55 height and my weight is always about 52 - 53kg. I look quite fat. Not too much, but it's still annoyed when I can't fit in my clothes. Somehow, I started to throw away almost my wardrobe just because I'm getting fat and older. Now, I only keep large sized and solid colour clothes.

Recently, Auntie bought me a pack of two diet products and planned on getting one more for me. Well, it seems like a good start for me. But mommy doesn't like it. Mommy is afraid of these products and advise me not to take these things. I do want to control the food that goes into me. I want to eat healthy, not just to full my stomach.

*rolling* I should think again... Whether I want it or not. A diet diary.

When it's getting hot, I want to eat so bad!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's too hot...

Just want to turn on the air conditioner and lock myself in a room full of food. I want to eat jelly so bad... Sometimes, I want a cup of ice cream or ice blended :( I love summer but it's just too hot...

Homade Body Scrub

Found an easy recipe on the internet using kitchen's ingredients. So I head to the market, gather things up and make one pack of scrub. My skin feel so soft now :">

Monday, May 13, 2013

What's in my Shower

I've been obsessed with many gurus' videos lately on Youtube. Therefore, I make my own What's in my shower tag. Well, it does take lots of time to film, so I took pictures instead.

My facial towel and body towel
 I got my facial towel lately when shopping with my mom. They sold a whole pack of five for $2.25. My body towel is old but it's still in good condition. I bet it can last for one more year. I love big towel.
I use Breakage Control Shampoo and Baby Liquid Soap
 Double Rich Shampoo works great with my hair. I got this big one when it was on sale. The Pigeon Liquid Soap came with a whole gift pack which is included: A towel (my mom took it), a pack of wet tissue (it smells bad so I don't use it), a jojoba extract shampoo (I've been used up), baby powder and liquid soap. It was on sale, too.
Conditioner - Homemade Scrub - Selsun Shampoo
 This tiny conditioner is given to me when I bought the giant shampoo above. My homemade scrub works perfect on my skin so I use it twice a week. Selsun Shampoo helps me control the dandruff which comes whenever the weather gets hot. 
Acne Cleaner - Facial Scrub - Mouthwash
I don't have acne so I often use this acne cleanser as a daily cleanser. The Facial scrub smells like milk, that's why I love using it. Green tea is my fav, therefore, the mouthwash should be in green tea flavour.
Mp3 Player - Colgate toothpaste
Shower while listening to music is awesome. The red toothpaste is use for whitening teeth, it's really expensive. The other toothpaste is for daily use.
Hand Wash gel - Tea bag facial scrub
The hand wash gel is a promotion I got when buying a giant liquid soap which I'd already used up. The tea bag facial scrub is a recipe I follow by Bubzbeauty on Youtube. It works... normal. But, the tea bag's contents got stuck in the pipe. So, I won't redo this recipe ever again.

Well I guess that's what I have in my shower :)

I love the rain

Although I prefer when it's sunny... I'm still in love with the rain. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Uz's Journey

Rin Daikon or Uz, is a high IQ creature which existed a long time ago. This blog is another Journey of Uz on my way to achieve bigger things in life. Over!

Copyright by Rin Daikon
The water mark that I use in every picture is mine!

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