Friday, August 8, 2014

10 things that make me the happiest human being on Earth

1. I have a family.
I'm the luckiest human being on Earth because I have my parents living with me. I have my older sister to be my best buddy even though we're 10 years old apart. I have my aunt take care of me. I have two lovely nephews and there are more <3 I have my relatives and my cousins <3 I'm too lucky <3

2. I found my lifelong treasure.
At the age of 16. Yes, it's true. I'm the luckiest girl to find her lifelong treasure so soon. He's the one. Even till death do us part, I'm lucky to have found him in my life.

3. I have my lifelong BFFs.
I'm a loner, I must admit. But I have bffs and I couldn't be happier. True friends are the most wonderful treasure I've found. So lucky to have them in my life. <3

4. I have dreams.
And I'm achieving most of them. How wonderful is that. I know many people can't do this part but me? I'm on my way.

5. I'm a dreamer.
Being a dreamer is a beautiful pleasure. I learn how to be happy and love my life. I love dreaming about beautiful things. Well, we don't have to pay tax to dream, so... :)

6. I have my own stories to tell.
This is it, the best part. I write stories, I see stories, I hear stories, I make my own stories. I keep working and I keep living. This is the life. <3

7. I travel.
I travel a lot, I must admit. Not somewhere far away, just travel around my city and my country. Hey, who knows I might travel the world someday. <3

8. I have strong beliefs and hopes.
I believes in many kinds of stuffs. Nessie? I love her. Alien? Wish I could say "Hi!". Afterlife? Can I at least have dimples? Hell? Am I living it? Heaven? Still living it!

9. I'm beautiful in my own way.
And I don't need people to clap for myself. I'm just being me. :)

10. I have tons of reasons to tell why I'm the happiest human being on Earth <3

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