Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Top 10 things about my imperfection!


I have selective eating disorder. It's bad habit of mine since childhood. I only eat things that I like. Mostly, eating depends a lot on my mood. It's not a healthy at all and I don't intend to change it sooner or later. I don't eat almost every type of fruit, some types of vegetables, sweet soup,... the list goes on. I'm allergic to seafood (mostly crab and shrimp).

2. Overreacting.

It goes together with overthinking almost everything. I tend to consider many different views/sides when thinking about something. Most of the time, I tend to overreact over the most simple thing in life. However, on the bright side, I tend to keep my negative vibes to myself when overreacting.

3. Crazy Imagination.

You'll never know what's going on in someone's mind. I tend to be inspired a lot and my imagination can go further than everyone could ever have imagined.

4. Self-harming.

I'm not talking about physical harm. I stop cutting myself years ago. This is all about mentally harm. I find it hard to share my feelings with other people so most of the time, I keep them all to myself. Sometimes, those thoughts get out of control and mentally damage me inside out.

5. I don't share food.

Since I have SED, I go crazy over the food I can eat. I don't like sharing food and I don't ask for food. It's okay if someone give me something that I like, I just don't want to share it.

6. I'm not a hi-tech freak.

Boys tend to demand for perfection when it comes to hi-tech stuff. I'm okay with watching a movie on an old screen. I'm okay with my made-in-china-brand smart phone. I don't care about hi-tech stuffs.

7. I don't often wear branded stuffs.

As for a girl who seeks for unique styles, branded stuffs are not really made for me. Spending too much money on a $50 pair of Converse doesn't sound right to me. I prefer thrift-shopping.

8. Still updating...

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